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For everyone saying that Nico is too young to think about his sexuality


He’s 14. Do you remember Percy at 14?

When Percy was 14, he didn’t want Annabeth to join the Hunters and wasn’t sure why. They danced on Olympus.

When Percy was 14, he was in the middle of Luke/Annabeth/Percy/Rachel.

Remember that tension in Battle of the Labyrinth? Yeah, Percy was 14.

So you think that Nico can’t be thinking about his sexuality at age 14, when Percy had people crushing on him right and left and he was more or less aware of this?


Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters movie angers me so much. Like it’s wonderful and all. But we weren’t supposed to find out about Some of the characters revealed on Krono’s side until the 4th or 5th book and yet the reveal them anyway. Also they leave out the part with the guinea pig island (don’t ask me exact names I haven’t read the books since like 6th grade) they leave out many parts.

Percy Jackson


Ugh watching these movies annoys me so much. I just feel like they had so much potential and totally blew it :( sure it is more theatrical this way, but it’s not real, it’s not life. Life isn’t always super thrilling sometimes it’s just jousting with a friend or drinking blue cherry coke. But that’s not boring, it’s a sophisticated balance of emotions and events and it IS worth watching.  too bad the directors just couldn’t see it.


And people think Hollywood media is liberal. Bullshit. They are one of the most biased media sources out there. For example, let’s take a strong female lead and make her dependent on her male counterpart. Such as Annabeth in Percy Jackson. She is the daughter of Athena which should make her a badass force to be reckoned with but instead she has to rely on Percy to pick her up when she trips. Fuckin really?



Whoo! It’s been awhile since I blogged my last movie review. Now I’m glad I found a good website wherein I can watch legit movies online that doesn’t make you sign up for their crappy membership. Anyway, since we people aren’t new to this movie anymore, please just let me review the movie itself because I haven’t watched it until today. As a Percy Jackson fan (for both books and movies), I was kind of upset (more of disappointed) because I didn’t see some scenarios that were originally stated and written in the book of Rick Riordan. One part when Annabeth should have been deceived by the nymphs or merpeople and make her hallucinate and sht. Hollywood really mashed the whole story up from the plot to the missing scenes to the fcked up characters.

I honestly imagined Clarisse as this big, athlete girl, and probably looks like a dummy bully. But when I saw “the” Clarisse of the movie, instead of getting pissed, I actually get to enjoy her bossy way. (Believe me, when I was reading the book, the only thing that’s left for me to do is curse on Clarisse for being a part of the story, I AM NOT the only one, am I?)

And geez, what happened to the big head Annabeth? She turned into a weakling, to be honest. Yes, I was contented when they finally made her blonde but it seems like her dialogues were far more limited than Grover’s and Clarisse’s.

About Tyson tho. Damn he’s so cute. I know, I know. He’s a cyclopes and all that but you guys gotta admit that’s he’s damn cute being a clutz and he’s just so perfect being a brother for Percy! Thumbs up for this big fellow guy~

And Luke? Darn he’s so fucked up for thinking he’s gonna win.


so i just watched percy jackson and the sea of monsters (finally) and my mom and sister had already watched it, so they were there just complaining about how many times i said “BUT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK” and then at the part when tyson “died” (IM SO MAD ABOUT THIS) i just got crazy and i…

Percy Jackson: Movie-book


MOVIE lighting thief
Annabeth doesn’t gray eyes and blonde hair in movie
Grover wasn’t with Percy when he fought the Minotaur
Ares doent appear in movie
Clarisse doesn’t appear

Movie Sea of monsters

Kronos is in the movie
Ethan Nakamuranin in the movie
Percy didn’t convert into a guinea pig
Percy and Tyson didn’t knew each other before founding out he was son of Poseidon too

They go to Washington and meet Hermes in the movie, WHAT?!

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